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    Drill Pipe Elevator
    Casing Elevator
    Drill Collar Elevator
    Tubing Elevator
    Sucker Rod Elevator
    Slip-Type Elevator
    Single Joint Elevator
    Elevator Link
    Perfection Link
    Type B Manual Tong
    Type DB Manual Tong
    Type C Manual Tong
    Casing Tong
    Power Slip
    Manual Slip
Roller Kelly Bushing
Taixing Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Taixing City in Jiangsu Province which lies in economically developed Yangtze River Delta Zone that boasts her comfortable climate and easy transportation. Founded in 1954,our company is a professional supplier of Drilling & Production and Petroleum Machinery Accessories appointed by our nation, Petroleum Drill Implement manufacture in China, we are the connected member of CNPC,SINOPECCORP and CNOOC. Our company covers 130 thousand square meters, With a follr of 60 thousand square meters.Staffed with nearly 1000 personnel, our company boasts over 200 technicians, among whom 18 technicians have their senior titles.Our products are as follows:Drill pipe Elevators: side latch bottleneck drill pipe elevator, Side latch drill pipe elevator, center latch drill pipe elevator,Center latch bottleneck drill pipe elevator, Center latch bottleneck drill pipe elevator for Top Drive;Casing Elevators:Side latch casing elevator, SLX type Side latch casing elevator;Center latch casing elevator;Drill Collar Elevators:Side Latch Drill Collar Elevator, Center Latch Drill Collar Elevator, SLX Side latch Drill Collar Elevator; Tubing Elevators:SLX Side latch Tubing Elevator, Side Latch Tubing Elevator, Locking Ring Type Tubing Elevator;Sucker Rod Elevator;Slip-Type Elevators;Single Joint Elevators;Elevator Link, Perfection Link;Tongs;Power Slip; Rotary Slip, Casing Slip, Drill Collar Slip, Safety Slip;Roller Kelly Bushing and so on.

All our products conform to API Spec 8C,API Spec 7K and approved by API Spec Q1(7) and ISO9001:2000.And also we have the Export Approval.

Guided by the principle of "Quality Centered and Customer Oriented", we are going to provide excellent service for customers with our profound technical faculty complete inspection methods and perfect quality system. With our established fame, our products have been sold well in oil fields domestically and exported to more than twenty countries and zones,such as America, Canada, Kazakhstan, U.A.E., Russia, Iran, Kartle, Algeria, Sudan, Australia and so on.

Sincerely holp we can cooperate with friends from different circles to develop together.

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Office building Factory door in a corner
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Rotary Slips design input and design output table Research Report on the feasibility of Elevator Link
Single Joint Elevator main technical parameters Casing Tong main technical parameters
SLX type Side latch casing elevator main technical parameters Side latch casing elevator main technical parameters
Roller Kelly Bushing main technical parameters Side latch tubing elevator main technical parameters
Type B Manual Tong main technical parameters side latch bottleneck drill pipe elevator main technical parameters
Product identification and traceability remember to check Locking Ring Type Tubing Elevator main technical parameters
CDQ (S) Sucker Rod Elevator main technical parameters Side latch Drill Collar elevator main technical parameters
Center latch bottleneck drill pipe elevator design task book Type Elevator Slip technical agreement
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