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DH forged elevator links are designed to hang elevators from Top Drive System or Hooks in drilling operation. Read the Manual before use elevator links. Each elevator link of one pair is forged from one single billet of high strength alloy steel, heat treated, surface-strengthen-treated and NDT for super performance and long service. The rating loads of elevator links series are 150t(1350kN),200t (1800kN),250t (2250kN),350t (3150kN),500t (4500kN). All the technical data and properties of elevator links completely conform to the requirements of SY/T 5035 and API Spec 8C.
Elevator Links
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SH dependable, efficient perfection links are designed for light loads. Perfection links are made by forging, bending and electric welding of high-quality steel bar stock, which is then heat-treated and NDT examined. Rating loads of perfection links series are 50t (450kN), 75t (675kN), 150t (1350kN).
Perfection Links

Elevator Links,Perfection Links
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